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Welcome to our credit repair Charlotte NC services. We’re the premiere credit repair company in the Queen City Charlotte NC and throughout the state.  Our fast credit repair services utilizes highly advance technology, which allows us to efficiently manage your credit repair file while using our expertise to develop an action plan for your time constraints and goals. More importantly our founder has been in the banking industry for almost 30 years and has loaned out over 300 Million Dollars based on credit through his organization and has viewed thousands of credit reports for loan approval. We help raise your consumer credit report scores by working with you, your creditors and the credit bureaus to remove negative items from your credit and adding positives. This alone helps us to stand out from the crowd when it comes to credit repair services from any company in the marketplace to help consumers restore their credit with fast credit repair. Keep in mind that the credit bureaus usually take 30 days to respond to our disputes and it can usually take from 30 – 45 days to receive a letter in the mailbox. We’re very clear and up front with our credit repair services, so when we say fast credit repair, we mean that we work fast to analyze, dispute and send correspondence to the three major credit bureaus which are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. We also send correspondence to collection agencies, third party creditors and or furnishers.

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Credit Repair Charlotte NC

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to repair your credit yourself unless you know all the rules the credit bureaus will use against you.  Let us utilize our 30 years of experience to help you improve your credit and raise your credit scores.  Learn why our credit repair Charlotte NC services are number one in the industry.

credit repair charlotte nc

Credit Analyst

One of our credit experts will prepare and submit custom dispute correspondence on your behalf. We only utilize proven success strategies that will be unique to your specific credit profile to submit to all three major credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

credit repair charlotte nc

Technology driven

Our client portal is a secure digital gateway to The Credit Experts Clients and our network and community, to access files, or other information in reference to their updates and credit repair status. Our Client portals are for our customers and can be accessed via a Web browser or mobile app 24/7/365.

credit repair charlotte nc

Credit Monitoring Service

Credit monitoring services are companies you can pay to keep an eye on your credit files. The services notify you when they see activity in your credit files, so you can determine if that activity is a result of action you took or possibly fraudulent. We offer a trial for $1.00 to all 3 credit scores.

credit repair charlotte nc

Late Payments

A late payment is an amount of money a borrower sends to a lender or service provider that arrives after the date that the payment was due or after a grace period for the payment has passed. More importantly if more than 30 days past due..

credit repair charlotte nc

Excessive Inquires

Too many “hard inquiries” will hurt your credit scores, since lenders view that as an early sign of risk. It can look like you're overextending yourself and taking on more financing than you'll ultimately be able to afford.

credit repair charlotte nc

Outdated Information

If there's a mistake or outdated information on your credit, we can dispute your credit report with the credit bureau showing the wrong info. It's smart to get your free annual credit reports from each of the three credit reporting agencies every year.

About the services we provide In Charlotte NC

credit repair charlotte

Personal Consultation

Our personal initial credit consultation is free and we offer valuable insight to consumers of how we can improve their credit and raise their credit scores.

credit repair charlotte nc

Credit Cards/LOC

Unlike our competitors we know you have to get to old bad credit delete and add new good credit to your file and we offer multiple card and lines of credit.

credit repair charlotte nc

Monitoring Analysis

We explain why having a monitoring service is important and how we expect positive results from inspecting monthly to navigate our clients to success.

Our Faqs

We have over 30 years of experience as credit professionals

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Yes, credit training is legal and our credit education and document processing services will help you to use the law in your favor. That law is called "The Fair Credit Reporting Act." The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed. Studies have shown that 79% of all credit reports contain errors. This is nearly 8 out of 10 reports. Therefore most credit reports improve immediately. For items that disputed that are not errors, a creditor or furnisher is often unable to find the records or signed documents within the allotted time and the item gets removed. Sometimes the furnisher will say it has been verified by not offer proof. It is our job to prepare documents that challenge this and we are very skilled at that.

Is Credit Repair & Education Worth It?

Contrary to what credit bureaus want you to believe, credit training does work in most circumstances. But it only works if you are getting the best advice from an experienced professional. Anyone with a credit score below 720 can benefit long-term from the advice and information provided through credit education. However, there are limiting factors that will prevent us from helping you. Two main factors are: (1) your financial situation and/or (2) the time frame in which you need to reach your results. It is possible to remove anything from a credit report, even accurate items. For instance, if the creditor makes mistakes or does not adhere to the specific time frame, the negative item may be removed.

Credit Repair Charlotte NC

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